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Physiotherapy Assessment - Behaviour 

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Are you seeing unwanted/problem behaviour in your dog?  

Did you know that in around 80% cases seen by behaviour experts, the dog in fact had a pain condition.


There is more and more evidence showing that dogs are displaying unwanted or problem behaviour because they are in pain.

I have a a reactive dog myself, so I appreciate what owners go through when their dog isn't behaving as we'd like or hoped for.

Wish you could walk down the road with your dog without them lunging or barking at other dogs?  

Wish you could go out for a walk and let your dog off lead and not worry? 

Working as a team with your vet and behaviourist, I can carry out a physiotherapy assessment which will look at this things like 

How your dog moves

How your dog responds to touch 

During a physiotherapy assessment I will work with you and your dog to ensure that anxiety levels are kept to minimum.

  • Movement Analysis 

  • Body Condition Score

  • Written Physiotherapy Assessment Report highlighting

    • Possible abnormalities, areas of concern, follow up suggestions

  • Written report for your vets and other dog professionals involved

  • Free Lifestyle Management Tips for Your Dog eBook included 

  • Option to book further sessions as needed (additional cost)  

  • Please note, I cannot diagnose conditions, but I can provide expert advice for you and your dog.

What to Expect Before Treatment Consultation

Personal and Professional Service 

  • A unique experience for you and your dog.  

  • Ensuring you and your dog dog feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

  • Relaxed treatment sessions that won't be rushed.

  • My holistic approach means I treat your whole dog, not just area of concern.

  • Some dogs relax straight into their first treatment session, but for some it can take a while.  

  • Please be assured I will be guided by your dog and will always consider their physical, emotional and behavioural needs.

  • Dogs tend to respond most positively in a quiet, relaxed, safe and comfortable environment.  So if you have a busy home, please ensure a suitable treatment area is provided. 

Personal Confirmation

  • Confirmation by email of the date, time and location including Welcome Pack & Useful Links

  • Personal message reminder around 24 hours in advance.

  • Please ensure you don't feed your dog an hour before/after the treatment session. 

Vet Referral

  • By law, I will always ensure I have Vet Consent/Referral before I treat your dog.

  • I will also request relevant information regarding your dog's health.

What To Expect During a Treatment Consultation - First Session – Usually 60-90 Minutes

Discussion - Health History/Areas of Concern

  • During our first session, I will run through some questions to get an overall picture and history of your dog.

  • We can discuss any concerns you have and what you're hoping you and your dog to achieve through physiotherapy so we're all on the same page.

  • I will also use any relevant information provided by your vet.

At the beginning of the session we will have a discussion that will involve bringing together information of: your horses history, concerns you may have and short term/long term goals that you would like to achieve.


Observation, Palpation & Assessment

  • Moves - I will observe how your dog moves from all angles – usually videoing - so we have a benchmark.

  • Feels - I will feel your dog’s body from nose to tail to get them used to and start to trust me.  

    • I will be feeling for things like – hot/cold areas, trigger points, any particular areas where the dog is sore/sensitive, possible areas of pain, tension and restrictions in how they are using their limbs etc. 

  • Assess - Watching, feeling helps me assess & identify possible areas of concern and help with the treatment & therapeutic plan for your dog.


Full Body Treatment

  • Using the information from our discussion and my assessment, I will customise each session depending on your dog's needs. 

  • Apply the most appropriate physiotherapy techniques & other therapies which may include​

  • Each treatment tends to depend on how the dog responds, as all dogs are different.

  • I will never force anything onto your dog or rush the appointment, always take it at their pace and encouraging them to relax into the treatment. 

  • It's important for you and your dog to trust me so I will do my very best to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Canine Massage.jpg

What to Expect After a Treatment Session

Treatment Plan & Reporting

  • Bespoke Treatment Plan & Report - After each session, you will receive by email a PhysioMyDog Report which detail my findings and especially designed plan for you dog.  This report will detail things like exercise management, exercises, stretches or techniques you can perform yourself at home in between sessions.

  • Ongoing Support & Advice - The most successful outcome tends to come from taking a #TeamDog approach.  I will be available to you in between sessions and happy 

  • Vet Report - I will also send a report to your vet and any other therapists you're working with so they are up to date with my findings.

Your Dog's Response

  • Treatment sessions release toxins, encourages blood and lymph circulation and stimulates the nervous system.  

  • After the treatment, keep your dog quiet, only allow light exercise, free access to water and going to the toilet. 

  • You may find your dog has some stiffness - this will ease over the next day or so and they may just sleep for the rest of the day.  

  • It can also make your dog feel instantly great and they will be immediately more active!

Follow Up Sessions – 45-60 Minutes

  • As a rough guide, it often works well is to start off with 3 sessions, fairly close together and then maintenance sessions as needed.

  • I’m happy to work with you to discuss the best programme of treatments, allowing for your budget and animal’s needs.  

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Cookapoo Dog

"Harriet has really helped our old boy Max a 14 year old Golden Retriever who has suffered with bad arthritis since undergoing earlier operations for both Cruciate Ligaments in his earlier years. Max seems more engaged since the treatments started and is finding it a lot easier to get off the floor and has also been doing the odd little jog now and then on his walks.

His treatment is fortnightly and he has hydro therapy in the intervening week. I have no hesitation in recommending Harriet she is a nice person to know and is very professional with her follow up questions after treatments.


Max obviously loves her as the benefits are immediate both during and after her visits and I think combined with the hydro has given him a new lease of life." John Purnell, Owner

PhysioMyDog Collie
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