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Below are some short success stories/case studies on some of the animals I've treated.  I feel so lucky to be able to help these gorgeous pets move and feel better.  To see a bigger version of each story, click top right hand arrow.

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Rocky - Cocker Spaniel
  • Swimmers Syndrome
  • Hyperextended Limbs
Cooper - Cocker Spaniel
  • Swimmers Syndrome
Elsa - Great Dane
  • Conservative Management Osteoarthritis
Flynn - 9.5 Great Dane
  • Conservative Management Hip Dysplasia
  • Lumbo-Sacral Stenosis
  • Sciatic Nerve Enlargement & Foraminal Compression
Lola - Chocolate Labrador
  • Partial Tear Cruciate Ligament
Bobbie - Lurcher
  • Post Spinal Stabilisation Surgery & suspected IVDD. 
Milo - Cockerpoo
  • Conservative Management Elbow Dysplasia
Willow - Labradoodle
  • Maintenance Sessions for Agility
Roxy - Dachshund
  • Post Operation Rehab Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
Patch - Cross Breed
  • Osteoarthritis
Bailey - Labrador
  • Post Operation Rehab for Elbow Dysplasia
Max - Golden Retriever
  • Bilateral cruciate ligament disease, osteoarthritis.
Chips - Labrador
  • Osteoarthritis
Rowdy - Golden Retriever
  • Cruciate Ligament surgery - Bilateral TPLO
  • Ruptured Meniscus 
Achilles - Cross Breed
  • Muscle wastage
  • Untreated broken bones
  • Compensation movements
Daisy - Labrador
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Luxating Patella
Chester - Labrador
  • Osteoarthritis
Jenson - 4.5 Golden Retriever
  • Post Operation TPLO for cruciate ligament disease
  • Spondylosis
  • Hip Dysplasia
Reggie - Schnoodle
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Tension

For Facebook Reviews, please click here.

"Harriet is amazing ... not only with the treatment of my girl Maddie but she is also a huge emotional support for the owner  :-) always just a message away of there is a worry.  She's very sufficient when it comes to writing and sending reports to vets . Maddie loves her physio session with Harriet (absolutely nothing to do with the amount of treats and cuddles she gets of her lol ).  Can only highly recommend Harriet". Tammy, Owner.

"Harriet is brilliant that’s all there is to say!!  Don’t hesitate - just call her, the difference in your dog will surprise you" Karen, Owner

"My puppy enjoyed her massage, Harriet was very patient with her when she was wriggling around! She has given me lots of great advice." Jaz, Owner

"Harriet has become one Milo's very best friends. He knows she's helped him a lot and his grateful for it! Harriet is very thorough, and really loves dogs!" Alain, Owner

"Our 9 year old Springador had become very stiff after 2 cruciate procedures last year and was pretty miserable.  Harriet was so caring and knowledgeble in treating him. 3 treatments later and he is back to his old self and we have been given great advice as to what we can do to help him in future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Harriet. She is very professional yet flexible and has very good communication skills." Fiona, Owner

"As a sports dog Willow benefits greatly from her muscle management. Harriet's regular physiotherapy visit keep her in tip top condition." Maxine, Owner

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