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Arthritis Consultation

Dogs of any age can be affected with Arthritis - I have treated dogs aged under 1, up to 18 years old and new data shows it is on the increase with 35% of ALL dogs being affected - regardless of age.  Naturally the risk increases as part of aging process, surgery and injury. 

Is your dog looking stiff, finding it hard to jump into the car or sofa.  Manage stairs? Falling behind or lagging behind on walks, limping or skipping when they walk?  Finding it hard to get up and down from the floor or their bed?  Sleeping more or less/more alert?  Behaving differently - more grumpy?  Less sociable? Not wanting to be touched or play?

Should we be concerned?  We only want the best for them and we don't want them to be in pain.

  • Keep them smiling for longer

  • Help address pain issues 

  • Continue to enjoy your walks together 

  • Enjoy your time together 

  • Worry less knowing you're doing all you can to help them

  • Not everything has to cost money - some simple and easy changes can make a BIG difference!

An Arthritis Consultation can give you peace of mind - we can discuss your concerns, identify possible issues, help put a plan in place and provide you the tools so you can help your dog feel and move better almost immediately.  The earlier we start to put interventions in place the happier they can be for longer. Please note - only vets can officially diagnose any condition. 

Would you like to understand More About the Disease and the Causes? - Click here.  

What We Can Discuss

  • Exercise Management - what type and how much is right for your dog. 

  • Nutrition Advice - are any channges necessary, any supplements? 

  • Home Modifications - easy changes can make a big difference

  • Lifestyle Modifications - helping them move around safely

  • General Health & Wellbeing Advice - to help your dog's overall health 

  • Fun Therapeutic Exercises - working and enriching their bodies and brain. 

What You Can Expect? Click here

How Many Sessions Are Needed? Click here

Would you like to understand More About the Disease and the Causes? - Click here.  

Want to find out more? - Please Contact Me and I have have a quick chat with you over the phone to set something up.  

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Enjoy the outdoors together

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Dogs of Any Age Can Be Affected with Arthritis

Keep Them Smiling For Longer

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Dogs of Any Breed Can Be Affected with Arthritis

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