Senior Dog Consulation

As our dogs age, their needs naturally change - like ours.  How they feel and move changes, which as their care givers we don't always spot.  Or maybe we're starting to notice things, but we're not sure what they mean.  Struggling towards the end of a walk, finding it harder to get into the car or go upstairs.  Sleeping more.  Should we be concerned? We only want the best for them and we don't want them to be in pain.


Senior Dog Consultation can give you peace of mind - we can discuss your concerns, identify possible issues, help put a plan in place and provide you the tools so you can help your dog age gracefully.

Like humans, when dog's age, they naturally start to lose type 2 muscle fibres (our strength and speed muscles) - they don't fire as quickly or perform as well.  By doing specific exercises, we can keep those muscles working for longer, helping to keep your dog stronger, functional and therefore more mobile for longer. 

Their nutritional needs, brain function, physical ability and needs also change. Their sleep patterns and how they feel and move due to wear and tear. But what should we be doing to help them?

What We Can Discuss

  • Exercise Management - what type and how much is right for your dog.

  • Nutrition Advice - what's in their current dog food & what should your dog be eating

  • Home Modifications - easy changes can make a big difference

  • Lifestyle Modifications - helping them feel and move around safely

  • General Health & Wellbeing Advice - to help your dog's overall health 

  • Fun Therapeutic Exercises - working and enriching their bodies and brain. 

What You Can Expect - we can carry out in persons or online

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

This depends on what you and your dog need.  There's no pressure and we can discuss and make a plan together to help keep that tail wagging for longer. 

Want to find out more? - Please Contact Me and I have have a quick chat with you over the phone to set something up.  

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Keeping Body & Brain Active


Keep Your Dog Smiling

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"Harriet does absolute wonders with my elderly boy, Chips. He loves his weekly massages and benefits hugely from them. He is so relaxed after his session and moves much more freely. Harriet is wonderful and Chips obviously loves seeing her. I’m so happy that Harriet was recommended to us." SLW, Chips Pet Parent. 

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"I have had the privilege of observing Harriet at work. She is very calm, and has naturally formed a strong bond with my beautiful Labrador, Chester. After just 2 sessions, he is definitely moving with more of a spring in his step, which at 11, I feel is an amazing achievement, having been curtailed for a few years with various joint issues.  What better way of repaying our much loved loyal friends, than providing a better quality of life in their latter years." CM, Chester Pet Parent

"Harriet has really helped our old boy Max a 14 year old Golden Retriever who has suffered with bad arthritis since undergoing earlier operations for both Cruciate Ligaments in his earlier years. Max seems more engaged since the treatments started and is finding it a lot easier to get off the floor and has also been doing the odd little jog now and then on his walks.

His treatment is fortnightly and he has hydro therapy in the intervening week. I have no hesitation in recommending Harriet she is a nice person to know and is very professional with her follow up questions after treatments. 


Max obviously loves her as the benefits are immediate both during and after her visits and I think combined with the hydro has given him a new lease of life." JP Max Pet Parent

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