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"What Is ...... Series"

Following demand and interest, this page is dedicated to help empower and educate on different conditions our dogs may experience.

"What Is .... Series" gives an overview of common health conditions.  Before we get started .....



There is no such thing as "normal" - normal for one dog will be different to another


Only Vets Can Diagnose

  • How one dog copes with something will be unique to them. So?

  • So it means they won't necessarily always look like another dog with the same health condition. Huh?

  • So important for us to avoid sweeping statements or make assumptions. There are lots of variables which will impact how they cope - just a few below

    • Age

    • Breed

    • Body Condition Score - Being overweight will ONLY make things worse

    • Overall Health - is there more than one thing going on?

    • Lifestyle - past & present

    • What they consume - diet, medication

    • Immune System & How their body responds

    • Stress

I treat lots of dogs with these conditions – whether they have had surgery or not & they have a fab life!  With all these conditions, we treat the whole body - not just the area of concern.

So, if your dog is affected, firstly try not to panic & don't assume there is nothing - other than medication or surgery - that can help.  Lots of things can!  Yay!

If your dog has been diagnosed, or you suspect and would like to know how physiotherapy & nutrition can help, please get in touch

Can't wait to help your dog feel and move better. 

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More Info on the accompanying Podcast Series

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