An Owner's Guide  - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips eBook


Developed to help educate owners with bitesize chunks of evidence based information to help understand what osteoarthritis is and - in addition to advice from your vet - what lifestyle management decisions can help dogs feel and move better.


Most are free and many have instant benefits. 

Untreated arthritis can be a painful condition that affects dogs young & old.   But age isn't a disease and dogs don't have to suffer or miss out. Small, and often free, lifestyle adjustments can ensure a good quality of life.  

What You Will Receive

  • An Owners Guide - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips Ebook.

  • Evidence based expert advice from a Vet Physiotherapist

  • Easy to implement tips - backed up by research that they are effective.

  • All the information you need in one place

  • Sent by email as PDF Document​

  • Can be viewed on any device

  • Lifetime access

  • Also available on Amazon

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Help dogs with arthritis

LifeStyle Management eBook Reviews!

"I just wanted to thank Harriet for the fantastic e-book regarding helping dogs with Osteoarthritis.  The advice was spot on and so helpful for owners. The lifestyle management tips are easy to implement.  This ebook is really well researched and written while still being easy to understand. Something I will keep for many years as a great guide for myself and my dog walking clients and friends." AF, Owner & Dog Walker

"This ebook really helps breakdown how arthritis in dogs really impacts them, using plain English. I always assumed arthritis only affected older dogs and never realised actually how common it is!" KB Owner

"Seems to be "connecting" more now and making eye contact" SW, owner

"This ebook is laid out well, written clearly and simply using terminology we all understand so it’s easy to read.  This book is rammed with easy, practical advice and suggests things you might not have even considered that could help your dog!  Appears happier & wants to play!" SG, owner


"Rushes up to greet me now when I walk into the room.  Wants to play with their toys again", LS owner

"My Labrador is definitely moving with more of a spring in his step, which at 11 years old, I feel is an amazing achievement, having been curtailed for a few years with various joint issues." CW Owner


"My elderly dog is finding it a lot easier to get up off the floor and has also been doing the odd little jog now and then on his walks" MP, Owner


"Been very energetic this week and not as sleepy as usual" VP, Owner


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