An Owner's Guide  - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips eBook


This guide is designed to help educate owners with bitesize chunks of evidence based information to help them understand what osteoarthritis is and - in addition to advice from their vet - what lifestyle management decisions they can make to help their dogs feel and move better.


Most are free to implement and many have instant benefits is the kind of advice I always give to owners when I first start treating their dogs.  

Untreated arthritis can be a painful condition that can affect young, as well as older dogs. But age isn't a disease, and just because your dog is getting old, or starting to slow down, it doesn't mean they need to suffer or miss out. By making small, and often free, lifestyle adjustments you can ensure your dog is still able to enjoy a good quality of life.  

What You Will Receive

  • An Owners Guide - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips Ebook.

  • Evidence based expert advice from a Vet Physiotherapist

  • Easy to implement tips - often free & backed up by research that they are effective.

  • All the information you need in one place

  • Sent by email as PDF Document​

  • Can be viewed on any device

  • Lifetime access

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I am passionate about helping owners help their dogs feel and move better.  Osteoarthritis is extremely common - more info here - but there is also so much that can be done to help you & your dog manage this ongoing condition.  

I carried out a research project on how physiotherapy helps dogs with Osteoarthritis.  This was distributed at Crufts 2020 & Awarded the Photizo February 2020 Prize.  It also got numerous press coverage on and offline.  

You can learn more about me, Harriet Kitcat, Vet Physiotherapist, PhysioMyDog here.

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Distributed Crufts 2020
& Awarded a Prize!
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Appeared In Animal Therapy Magazine