An Owner's Guide  - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips eBook


Developed to help educate owners with bitesize chunks of evidence based information to help understand what osteoarthritis is and - in addition to advice from your vet - what lifestyle management decisions can help dogs feel and move better.


Most are free and many have instant benefits. 

Untreated arthritis can be a painful condition that affects dogs young & old.   But age isn't a disease and dogs don't have to suffer or miss out.  Small, and often free, lifestyle adjustments can ensure a good quality of life.  

What You Will Receive

  • An Owners Guide - Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management Tips Ebook.

  • Evidence based expert advice from a Vet Physiotherapist

  • Easy to implement tips - backed up by research that they are effective.

  • All the information you need in one place

  • Sent by email as PDF Document​

  • Can be viewed on any device

  • Lifetime access

  • Also available on Amazon

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