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PhysioMy.Dog - Holistic Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapy & Other Hands on Therapies for your Dog

I take a holistic approach and will consider your dog's body as a whole, not just focus on the area of concern.  During each exclusive treatment, I will incorporate the most appropriate techniques and will suggest other therapies as necessary.


I am passionate about personalising each session and rehab/aftercare programme to suit your dogs's individual needs.


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"I have had the privilege of observing Harriet at work. She is very calm, and has naturally formed a strong bond with my beautiful Labrador, Chester.  


After just 2 sessions, he is definitely moving with more of a spring in his step, which at 11 years old, I feel is an amazing achievement, having been curtailed for a few years with various joint issues.  


What better way of repaying our much loved loyal friends, than providing a better quality of life in their latter years." Carol Midwinter, Owner

Online Consultation

  • You suspect - or your dog has been diagnosed with an ongoing condition such as arthritis and you'd like to know more. 

  • You notice your dog is slowing down and you're seeing differences in how they move and behave, but you're not sure what to do?

  • Perhaps you don't live locally or near a Physiotherapist but would like to know more.

  • You've purchased one of the Learning materials such as the Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis eBook, but you'd like to discuss in more detail.  

Other Therapists & Treatments -  I’m more than happy (as any good therapist should) to recommend another therapy/therapist to help complement our sessions.  Please click here for more info.