Online Consultation - Details

Due to Covid restrictions, location or preference a 1:1 with a Vet Physiotherapist could make you & your dog's day.


  • Your dog has had an operation, you got discharge instructions but would like some more help.

  • Your dog has an injury that won't seem to fully heal.

  • You've had an in person Physiotherapy Treatment but would like a follow up to discuss progress.

  • Your dog has special behaviour needs, maybe wary of vets, strangers, being handled etc

  • You suspect/know your dog has an ongoing condition and you'd like to know how to help your dog from now on.

  • You notice your dog is slowing down and you're seeing differences in how they move and behave, but you're not sure what to do.

  • Perhaps you don't live locally or near a Physiotherapist but would like to know more.

  • Feel a bit stuck and not sure what to do!  

An Online Consultation maybe perfect for you!

How Do Online Consultations Work?​

In advance of our appointment I will .....

  • Contact your vet to get your dog's full clinical history & referral.

  • Email you questions to answer to help provide me an overall picture of your dog.  

  • Ask you to send me some videos and photos in advance so I can see how your dog is moving.  Details here.

  • Providing information in advance and knowing your areas of concern helps maximise your online consultation time, providing you the best value.

  • Payment required at time of booking please.

What to Expect From Live Online Consultation

Using the information provided in advance you can expect

  • 1:1 Consultation with Vet Physiotherapist - ask as many questions as you like.

  • Written Physiotherapy Assessment Report highlighting

    • Possible abnormalities, areas of concern, follow up suggestions

    • Bespoke Therapeutic Plan you can put into place instantly

      • Advice on how much and type of exercise/walking routine

      • home environment modifications​

      • life style changes

      • easy to follow exercises you can start to incorporate

      • advice on investigating other therapies such as hydrotherapy

      • will suggest when & if further vet advice is required

    • Movement Analysis

    • Body Condition Score

  • Written report for your vets and other dog professionals involved

  • Free Lifestyle Management Tips for Your Dog eBook included (worth £16)

  • Option to book further sessions as needed (additional cost)  

  • Please note, I cannot diagnose conditions, but I can provide expert advice for you and your dog.

Follow Up Sessions

  • It maybe relevant for me to see the dog and do a 1:1 treatment session. More details can be found here.  

  • Or we can follow up with another online consultation.

  • I’m happy to work with you to discuss the best approach, allowing for you and your dog’s needs.  

Price & Payment Information

Booking Details

If you'd like to go ahead, please

  1. Complete short booking form below.

  2. You will receive email confirmation and further details including

    • questions, video and photo instructions for you to complete and send in advance of our appointment.

  3. We can then arrange a mutually convenient time to chat.

  4. Payment at time of booking please.

Online Consults
Golden Retriever being treated for Arthr

1:1 - Consultation with Friendly Vet Physiotherapist - Ask questions & get expert advice

PhysioMyDog Lifestyle Management Tips

Lifestyle Management eBook included - Osteoarthritis version also available

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