Online Consultation - Details

  • You suspect - or your dog has been diagnosed with an ongoing condition such as arthritis and you'd like to know more. 

  • You notice your dog is slowing down and you're seeing differences in how they move and behave, but you're not sure what to do?

  • Perhaps you don't live locally or near a Physiotherapist but would like to know more.

  • You've purchased one of the Learning materials such as the Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis eBook, but you'd like to discuss in more detail.  

An Online Consultation maybe perfect for you!

How Do Online Consultations Work?​

  • In advance of our appointment

    • I will send you some questions to complete which will give me an overall picture of your dog.  

    • I may also ask you to video your dog so I can see how your dog is moving.

    • Providing information in advance and knowing your areas of concern helps maximise your online consultation time, providing you the best value.

  • We can discuss best online platform to use depending on your needs.​

  • Payment is required at time of booking please.

What to Expect From Online Consultation

  • Your chance to ask Vet Physiotherapist all the questions you'd like. 

  • We can discuss you and your dog's needs and best plan of action.

  • Please note, I cannot diagnose conditions, but I can give some really useful advice for you and your dog.

What to Expect After Online Consultation

  • I will send you an email report confirming what we discussed and any relevant information.

  • There maybe the option to record the session so you can watch back at your leisure.  It's hard to remember everything you hear sometimes!

  • If necessary, I can send a report to your vet and any other therapists your working with so they are up to date with my findings.

Follow Up Sessions 

  • Am happy to do further online consultations, depending on you and your dog's needs.

  • It maybe relevant for me to see the dog and do a 1:1 treatment session. More details can be found here

  • I’m happy to work with you to discuss the best approach, allowing for your budget and dog’s needs.  

Price & Payment Information

  • Please click through to Prices page.

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