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 Online Consultation

Mobility, behaviour challenges, location or preference may mean these are more convenient for you and make your dog's day!

Originally set up due to Covid, but have continued to be useful for many owners.

If you prefer In Person Appointments, please click here


Pet parents/owners know their dog's better than anyone, so if you think something is not quite right, it's good to seek guidance. 

  • You notice your dog is slowing down and you're seeing differences in how they move and behave, but you're not sure what to do.  

  • You have some video footage you'd like someone to take a look at?

  • Perhaps your dog has special behaviour needs, wary of vets, strangers, being touched ... which has meant it's been hard to get help.

  • You suspect something, but not sure what to do or where to start.

  • It maybe you're worried your dog might be in pain, but not sure what to do.

  • Your dog is having treatments, but you'd like to know what you can do in your daily routine to help.

  • Just had an operation, you have discharge instructions but worried about carrying them out.  Are you doing it right? 

  • Your dog has an injury/issue that won't seem to fully heal or get better.

  • You've had an in person Appointment/Treatment but would like a follow up to discuss progress.

  • You suspect/know your dog has an ongoing condition and you'd like to know how to help your dog moving forward.

  • Perhaps you don't live locally or near a Physiotherapist but would like to know more.

An Online Consultation maybe perfect for you!

How Do Online Consultations Work?​

We can cover different topics depending on your needs.  In advance of our appointment I will .....

  • Contact your vet to get your dog's full clinical history & referral.

  • Email you questions to answer to help provide me an overall picture of your dog. 

  • Ask you to send me some videos and photos in advance so I can see how your dog is moving.  Details here.

    • Providing information in advance and knowing your areas of concern helps maximise your online consultation, providing you the best value.

  • Will use FaceTime/WhatsApp/Messenger - whatever is easiest for you.

  • Suitable for all dogs - regardless of age, breed or health condition.

What to Expect From Live Online Consultation

  • Expert advice - ask as many questions as you like.

  • Written Report sent by email afterwards including​​

    • Bespoke Therapeutic Plan you can put into place instantly

      • Advice on how much and type of exercise/walking routine

      • diet and supplement guidance 

      • home environment modifications​

      • life style changes

      • easy to follow exercises you can start to incorporate

      • advice on investigating other therapies as needed

      • will suggest when & if further vet advice is required

      • pain management

    • Detailed Gait/Movement Analysis

  • Any areas of concern, follow up suggestions

  • Advice on other interventions/dog professionals who can also help ie behaviourists, referral vets, dog walkers, dog groomers, etc

  • Body Condition Score

  • Suggestions regarding nutrition

  • Written report for your vets and other dog professionals involved

  • Free Lifestyle Management Tips for Your Dog eBook included 

  • Option to book further sessions as needed (additional cost)  

  • Please note, I cannot diagnose conditions, but I can provide expert advice for you and your dog.

Follow Up Sessions

  • It maybe relevant for me to see your dog as a 1:1 treatment session. More details can be found here.  Or we can follow up with another online consultation.

  • I’m happy to work with you to discuss the best approach, allowing for you and your dog’s needs.  

Remember - if you'd like to discuss the above, but in person click here.

Price & Payment Information

Booking Details

If you'd like to go ahead, please

  1. Complete short booking form below.

  2. You will receive email confirmation and further details including

    • questions, video and photo instructions for you to complete and send in advance of our appointment.

  3. We can then arrange a mutually convenient time to chat.

Online Consults
Golden Retriever being treated for Arthr

1:1 - Consultation with Friendly Vet Physiotherapist - Ask questions & get expert advice

PhysioMyDog Lifestyle Management Tips

Lifestyle Management eBook included - Osteoarthritis version also available

PhysioMyDog Online Consultation.png

Online Consult Booking Form

Thanks for submitting!  I will be in touch soon with further details!

Online Consult Form
PhysioMyDog Online Consultations

"“I couldn’t thank Harriet enough, the support she has given me over the last year has been amazing following my dogs operations on both legs. My dog is a rescue and it is very difficult when meeting new people, however via video call Harriet talked me through what I needed to do as part of Mildred’s recovery programme. I couldn’t have done it without her and to know you have that support means so much.” MD Mildred Pet Parent.

"I was introduced to Harriet by a mutual friend and now I like Harriet more than the person who introduced us!!  I'm just joking!  The reality is that Harriet is full of life, positivity and fun and she makes you feel that you have known her for ever.  At the same time she makes your dog feel as though they are the only dog in the world. She cares deeply about your dog's condition and uses her considerable knowledge and expertise to get to the bottom of the issue and suggest some great ongoing exercises, makes you think about ways in which you can do more for your own dog and provides expert analysis around the causes of the issue at hand.

We first met Harriet via FaceTime as the pandemic did not allow for face-to-face meeting, aside from being a few hours away. Those first few sessions were invaluable and the detailed analysis documents that followed meant that everything that was discussed was written down for further consumption.  My Great Dane, Elsa who was just turning 9 was suffering terribly with arthritis in her hips. I had been using all known arthritis medicines and exercises, Elsa was in a bad way. Harriet had in our meetings discussed alternative procedures and introduced me to Stem Cell Vet.  That suggestion by Harriet was the turning point for Elsa. I explored the Stem Cell treatment, spoke to Stewart and went ahead. Without that treatment Elsa would not be here.


Harriet has without doubt, saved her life and given her more time with her family. Truly a miracle and now Elsa is pain free in her hips.  A BIG THANK YOU to you Harriet. xxx" PS, Elsa Pet Parent.

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