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Pre Consultation - Requirements

In advance of our appointment

  • I will email you a questionnaire for you to complete and return.

  • Please also see below video/photo footage required.

  • Please email them back to or WhatsApp - 07795 348 392


Feel free to send in any other photos or video you think relevant, ie how they get up, how they sit or lay down if it looks strange or different.

Required Photographs (3 in total)

Still photos of your dog standing and looking forward (without assistance) from both sides and from above, as shown in the diagrams below.  

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 16.04.04.png

Required Videos

  • Left side - in walk

  • Right side - in walk

  • Coming towards camera - in walk

  • Walking away from camera - in walk

  • Sit to stand - left side - only if this isn't too painful for your dog

  • Sit to stand - right side - only if this isn't too painful for your dog

  • Running - away from camera

  • Any others you think relevant

  • 👇 Examples shown below 👇

Phone Camera

Handy Tips!

Video Tips

  • Two people are required.  One to video and the other holding the lead and dog

  • Use your phone or tablet

  • Use the landscape setting

  • Keep the videos to around 30 seconds​ each

  • Keep the phone/tablet steady

  • Ensure you are in a well-lit area – avoid shady spots

  • Video from around 4 meters back - or slightly closer if you're dog is small breed

  • Please ensure you are filming the whole of the dog – not cutting off their feet or heads.

    • Avoid filming looking down at your dog - go slightly lower

    • If your dog is small, suggest getting lower down to their level.  

    • Please see examples below 👇

  • When filming the dog walking away from you, ensure we can see the whole/top of the dog's back.

  • Avoid busy areas where your dog is distracted.  Perhaps your back garden or a quiet field

  • Avoid footage of your dog in long grass or anything that will block the view of their paws 

  • Choose flat ground – if you notice your dog struggles on some surfaces (ie tarmac, stones) but better on others (ie grass), please film both surfaces so we can compare.

👇 Below are examples of ideal videos. 👇 Please only provide "running" video if your dog is able - do not force.

Required Videos

Dog Tips

  • Suggest filming after you have walked your dog for a few minutes – so they’re not overly excited

  • Keep your dog on a LOOSE lead and collar 

    • If you use a harness, please remove for the purpose of videoing 

  • Avoid your dog jumping up

  • Avoid your dog looking up at you – ideally looking forward 

  • Please have your dog at walk and trot pace.

Examples of Video Footage Required

Left Hand Side

Towards Camera

 Running from Behind - Please film from behind

Right Hand Side

Away from Camera

 Sit to Stand - Please film left & right sides

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