Massage My Dog Owner Workshop

Why Come Along

  • Find out a bit more about your dog's body 

  • Some simple relaxing massage techniques and stretches you and your dog can enjoy together

  • In a fun but relaxed atmosphere

  • Some "You & Your Dog Time" - you deserve it!

What We Will Cover

  • Summary of Dog Anatomy

  • Hands on – feel specific bony landmarks

  • Hands on – feel specific muscle areas 

  • Objective of Massage & When to/not to Massage

    • Simple Massage Techniques

    • Posture & Simple Stretches


Max of 6 dogs/people to keep it intimate and ensure you and your dog get what you need from the session.


Chapmanslade Village Hall, just outside Frome, BA13 4AP

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Date & Time

  • Saturday 15th October 2022 - 10am to 2pm

  • The session will last up to 4 hours to ensures there’s enough time for breaks and we're not rushed. 

  • There will be time for the dogs to meet/greet.

Suitable Dogs

  • if your dog struggles to settle around other dogs, is easily triggered/overwhelmed by people, strange places this is not a suitable workshop for them.  

    • For example, I wouldn’t bring my dog Baxter to an event like this. 

    • If you’re interested in a 1:1 session, please get in touch. 

  • Suitable for dogs of any age, breed and health condition who are happy around other dogs.

What to Bring

  • Other than your dog, I would bring something comfy and non slip for them to lie on – yoga mats, bedding, ideally something fairly flat. Just so they are not lying directly on the floor.

  • Poo bags - to ensure we all pick up after our dogs.   

  • Water, any necessary treats - licky mats can be useful to keep them occupied and still.  😊  

  • I will bring tea/coffee/biscuits, but feel free to bring along anything else you would like.  



  • £50 per person 


To Book

  • Please email to book and payment details.

  • Due to demand, I am going to operate a first come first served.  Your place is guaranteed once payment has been received, so it's fair for everyone. 

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"I have had the privilege of observing Harriet at work. She is very calm, and has naturally formed a strong bond with my beautiful Labrador, Chester.  


After just 2 sessions, he is definitely moving with more of a spring in his step, which at 11 years old, I feel is an amazing achievement, having been curtailed for a few years with various joint issues.  


What better way of repaying our much loved loyal friends, than providing a better quality of life in their latter years." CM, Owner