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1:1 Price

MassageMyDog - 1:1 Session

  • The same content as a group session, but in the comfort of your own home.

  • Can be online or in person - me coming to you.

  • A personalised session - just you & your dog.

  • Ideal for dogs who find being around others overwhelming/unable to settle easily, but you'd still like to learn.

  • As you will be handling your own dog, no vet referral is necessary. 

  • New and existing PhysioMyDog Clients welcome. 

  • Session Time -  2 hours

  • Cost - £110 - + any relevant mileage charges

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.


"This is amazing and I can highly recommend.


It also helped me to be calm and slow down and to enjoy being in the moment with my dog." MassageMyDog 1:1 Feedback

MassageMyDog - Group Masterclass

Why Take Part

  • Learn more about your dog's body 

  • Simple relaxing massage techniques & stretches you and your dog can enjoy together

  • In a fun, but relaxed atmosphere

  • Help your dog feel and move better - whatever their age or breed. 

  • Some "You & Your Dog Time" - you both deserve it.

  • I'm fully insured and qualified in canine massage (physiotherapy & nutrition), so you & your dog are in safe hands.  ​

  • Part 1 and Part 2 Versions

  • Available As In Person Group Workshop or 1:1 (In Person or Online)

Price & Other Details

massage your dog.jpeg

"I love how attending events with Harriet with my dog nourishes our relationship. It's so important that our bond is based on trust, kindness and communication. It is amazing how much we learn about each other from coming along to a workshop. Thank you Harriet.  xx " MassageMyDog Group Workshop

MassageMyDog Masterclass - Part 1 

  • To give you an overview and understanding of how massage can help your dog

  • A mixture of theory and hands on

What We Will Cover

  • Theory - Summary of Dog Anatomy

  • Hands on – feel specific bony landmarks

  • Hands on – feel specific muscle areas 

  • Theory - Introduction & Objective of Massage & When to/not to Massage

  • Hands On - Simple Massage Techniques

  • Hands On - Posture & Simple Stretches

​When & Where Details here

Price - Details Here

MassageMyDog Masterclass - Part 2

  • For those who have attended Part 1 and would like to learn more.

  • Opportunity to put what you have learnt so far into practice.

  • This will be mainly hands on.


What We Will Cover

  • Summary/Overview of Part 1 Techniques

  • Further techniques 

  • Putting all techniques into practice and how and when best to apply. 


When & Where - Details here

Price - Details Here

Cross Fibre Massage.jpg
"I’d highly recommend this course. Both Maisy and myself Really got a lot out of it . Harriet is very knowledgeable and presented the course enabling us all to get from it what we wanted and needed for our pups" MassageMyDog Group Workshop

"Highly recommend. Lola loved it and our doggy guests (dog boarding hotel) have been enjoying my new skills!" MassageMyDog Group Workshop

"This was really great course. Harriet is very knowledgeable and the dogs all loved it.  A real time of connection between you and your dog" MassageMyDog Group Workshop

"Harriet created a relaxing and safe environment to learn in.  The session was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Thank you." MassageMyDog Group Workshop

Times and Dates

MassageMyDog Group Masterclass - Details

Massagemydog workshop 1.jpeg

Date, Time​ & Booking Details

  • Session Time

    • Part 1 - No longer than 3 hours 

    • ​Part 2 & 1:1 - No longer than 2 hours



Max of 6 dogs/people to keep it intimate

Ensures you and your dog get what you need from the session.​



​​We will see how the dogs are coping, adjust breaks, agenda & finish time as needed.

Suitable Dogs

  • If your dog struggles to settle around other dogs, is easily triggered/overwhelmed by people, strange places, dogs this is not a suitable workshop for them.  

  • Suitable for dogs of any age, breed and health condition who are happy and settle around other dogs.  

  • If you're unsure, please contact me to discuss. 

What to Bring

  • Something comfy and non slip for your dog to lie on – yoga mats, bedding, etc ideally something fairly flat which allows them to fully stretch out. 

  • Water, any necessary treats – licky/snuffle mats can be useful to keep them occupied and still.  😊  

  • A stable item which is no higher than the height of your dog’s front feet and big enough for their feet to get on.  Even better if big enough for them to sit on, but not essential.  Lower is fine.  A stool, or platform, or step.

  • I will bring tea/coffee/biscuits, but feel free to bring along anything else you would like to eat or drink.

Cost - £TBC



  • Due to demand, I'm operating a first come first served.  

  • Your place is guaranteed once payment has been received, so it's fair for everyone.  😊 

  • Please note - this is not a qualification in massage.  If that is something you're interested in please let me know and I can give you details.

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.

"Harriet clearly and simply gives an explanation followed by a demonstration before encouraging us to practice on our dogs.  Harriet's passion is inspiring and confidence giving." MassageMyDog Group Workshop



"What an excellent workshop MassageMyDog is. I attended with my 3 and a half year old working cocker, who experiences stiffness in her hips.


It was fantastic to learn how to handle her properly to help with her stiffness but also help her relax and build my bond with her.


My girl now demands daily massages. Highly recommend!

I also highly recommend Harriet for physiotherapy and home massage, my girl has really benefitted." MassageMyDog Group Workshop

Group price
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