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Osteoarthritis in Dogs

OE ebook

Arthritis Consultation


(Osteo) Arthritis can develop for lots of different reasons. Injury, surgery, conditions such as hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament, luxating patella or natural wear and tear as dogs get older.  Arthritis can happen at any age - even young dogs.

You may be noticing your dog is reluctant to come up stairs, jump onto sofa or car, getting up and down is more of a struggle.  Please don't leave it too long -  arthritis is a progressive condition, but we can help slow it down and help them feel and move better.

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Personal Story - Jenson 


How our own dog was helped with Osteoarthritis - and the reason I do what I do now! 

Other case studies here

Introduction to Osteoarthritis in Dogs eBook


Untreated Osteoarthritis can be a painful condition that affects dogs young & old.  Age isn't a disease and dogs don't have to suffer or miss out.  

Causes can be through wear and tear and ageing, but more commonly due to underlying causes such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tear/rupture, luxating patella etc which unfortunately inevitably lead to Osteoarthritis.

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Help Your Dog with Osteoarthritis - Lifestyle Management eBook

Developed to help educate owners with bitesize chunks of evidence based information to help understand what osteoarthritis is and - in addition to advice from your vet - what lifestyle management decisions can help dogs feel and move better.  


Most are free and many have instant benefits.

What Owners can do to help with their dogs with osteoarthritis

An Owners Guide - Help Identify, Slow Progression & Manage Osteoarthritis in Dogs Webinar

This webinar is open to all, not just for those who's dog had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

During this one hour webinar you will learn:

  • What is osteoarthritis

  • What are the causes and signs

  • What lifestyle adjustments can you make to help slow progression and manage the condition​

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How Physiotherapy Helps Dogs with Osteoarthritis


The Effect of Phototherapy & Massage on the Heart Rate & Passive Range of Motion of Canines with Osteoarthritis in Elbow Joint Research Project

I carried out a research project for a deeper understanding of how therapeutic equipment & massage can influence conservative management of osteoarthritis in the elbow in dogs, both physically & psychologically.

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Help Your Dog At Home with Light Therapy Device

Buy or rent a Photizo Device so your dog can enjoy the benefits in between therapy session and/or in the comfort of their own home 

I only sell/rent out products which I have used on myself and/or my own dog Baxter.

I carried out my own Research Project to see how Photizo & Massage can help treat osteoarthritis in dogs.  


Dogs saw over 30% improvement in movement & 25% in wellbeing​​.

  • Safe & Easy To Use

  • Pre-set Dosage 

Learn More About Photizo - How it Works, Benefits & More Here

Would you like to discuss how PhysioMyDog could help your dog?

Other Therapists & Treatments -  I’m more than happy (as any good therapist should) to recommend another therapies and treatments to help with osteoarthritis which can complement physiotherapy.  Please click here for more info.
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