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It's Not Just One Thing .... That Will Help Your Dog
Podcast Series

Welcome to the fabulous "It's Not Just One Thing ..... " Podcast hosted by Harriet Kitcat of PhysioMyDog in partnership with some amazing dog professionals and owners.


Working with dogs on a daily basis, I'm often discussing with owners the different things that will help dogs feel and move better.  And it's rarely Just One Thing that helps!  It's usually a combination - more importantly the combination for one dog will be different to the next. 


The purpose of this series to to give you some food for thought and hopefully some fun things you can try with your dog.  


For convenience I'm going to keep each episode to around 30 mins, so you can listen on the go.


Information will be in each episode description, but please contact me for further details.  Please let me know what you think and if you'd like us to cover other topics.  

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Would you like to discuss how physiotherapy could help your dog?

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