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Requirments - PhysioMyDog Online Assessment

1. Completed Owner Questionnaire - download here

2. All Requested photos and video footage - requirements and full instructions below. 

  • Send via WhatsApp to 07795 348 392​

3. Copy of Behaviour/Trainer Report/Feedback


Feel free to also send in any other photos or video you think relevant, such as how they get up, how they sit or lay down, go up/down stairs, get on/off sofa etc 

Required Photographs (6 in total)

Still photos of your dog standing and looking forward (without assistance)

  1. Stand - Left side

  2. Stand - Right side

  3. Stand - From above

  4. Stand - From behind

  5. Sit Position 

  6. Down Position 

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 16.04.04.png
Dog standing from behind.jpg
Sit Position.jpeg

Required Videos (7 in total)

  1. Left side - in walk & trot

  2. Right side - in walk & trot

  3. Coming towards camera - in walk & trot

  4. Walking away from camera - in walk & trot

  5. Sit to stand - left side - only if this isn't too painful for your dog

  6. Sit to stand - right side - only if this isn't too painful for your dog

  7. Running - away from camera

Video Tips

  • Two people are required.  One to video and the other holding the lead and dog

  • Use your phone or tablet

  • Use the landscape setting

  • Keep the videos to max of 30 seconds​ each

  • Keep the phone/tablet steady

  • Ensure you are in a well-lit area – avoid shady spots

  • Video from around 3 meters back - or slightly closer if you're dog is small breed

  • Please ensure you are filming the whole of the dog – not cutting off their feet or heads.

  • When filming the dog walking away from you, ensure we can see the whole/top of the dog's back.

  • Avoid busy areas where your dog is distracted.  Perhaps your back garden or a quiet field.

  • Avoid footage of your dog in long grass or anything that will block the view of their paws.

  • Choose flat ground – if you notice your dog struggles on some surfaces (ie tarmac, stones) but better on others (ie grass), please film both surfaces so we can compare.

👇 Below are examples of ideal videos. 👇 Please only provide "running" video if your dog is able - do not force.

Dog Tips

  • Suggest filming after you have walked your dog for a few minutes – so they’re not overly excited

  • Keep your dog on a LOOSE lead and collar 

    • If you use a harness, please remove for the purpose of videoing 

  • Avoid your dog jumping up

  • Avoid your dog looking up at you – ideally looking forward 

  • Please have your dog at walk and trot pace.

Phone Camera

Handy Tips!

Examples of Video Footage Required - 6 In Total

Please email them back to or WhatsApp - 07795 348 392

Left Hand Side

Towards Camera

 Running from Behind - Please film from behind

Right Hand Side

Away from Camera

 Sit to Stand - Please film left & right sides

  1. Completed Questionnaire - emailed to
  2. Required Photos - emailed or sent via WhatsApp to 07795 348 392
  3. Required Videos - emailed or sent via WhatsApp to 07795 348 392
  4. Copy of Behaviourist Report - emailed to
Payment Details - An invoice will be sent at time of booking.  If your dog is insured, please check policy details as you maybe able to claim physiotherapy treatments.
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