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Walk My Dog

Dog Walking & Treatment Packages

Due to popular demand, I am happy to offer exclusive one to one dog walking or a pop in with the option of a treatment afterwards. 

Any of the below scenarios sound familiar? 

  • Perhaps your dog has just had an operation or recovering from injury and can only have limited/gentle exercise whilst they recover.

  • Not all dogs suit a group walk and prefer having more 1 to 1 attention.

  • Your dog maybe a mature lady or gentlemen who struggle to keep up in group dog walks.

  • Maybe they can't handle an hour walk and more suited to 20-30 minutes.

  • Your dog can only be walked on the lead.

  • Or perhaps they just need a "pop in" to stretch their legs, have some company and stimulation.


For treatment and price details, please click here

"We are just seriously lucky to have met you!"  Esmee Rose Mortimer-Taylor, Owner
Dog walking in the woods

Rural  and safe walks 

Dog Walking on lead

Does your dog have to be walked on the lead only?

Labrador in a field walking.jpg

Avoid tarmac when we can!

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