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Pre & Post Surgery Checklists

When your dog has surgery it can be stressful time.  The less stressed you are, the less stressed your dog will be.
Planning & preparing can help you and your dog quicker and more effectively. 

Speaking as a dog owner – before PhysioMyDog was born – I felt lost, confused, upset & stressed not knowing or understanding what I could have done/should be doing after our first boy Jenson had surgery. I gained many grey hairs & wrinkles!

Jenson kept looking at us as if to say “why is everything suddenly different now “ & I kept thinking “why didn’t anyone tell me x, y, z” and I don't want others feeling like that, so I created these Checklists to help you help your dog. 

These checklists are FREE - If you'd like help or would like to discuss further, please contact me. 

Please note - I am not a vet. This content are general guidelines & is not medical advice.  If you're ever unsure, please contact your vet. 
Pre Surgery Check List help your dog recover from surgery

Post Surgery Checklist
Coming Soon!

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