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PhysioMyDog Research Project

The Effect of Phototherapy & Massage on the Heart Rate & Passive Range of Motion

of Canines with Osteoarthritis in Elbow Joint

During the Summer of 2019, I carried out a research project for a deeper understanding of how therapeutic equipment & massage can influence conservative management of osteoarthritis in the elbow in dogs, both physically & psychologically.  

Dogs Required

  • Labrador or Golden Retriever Breeds 

  • Weighing between 20-40kg

  • Aged 2+ years old

How to Get Involved?

This research project now has the number of case studies required.  Results will be published late Autumn 2019.  If you're interested, please contact me by email - or mobile - 07795 348 392.

What's Involved?

  • Session 1 - Meet & Measure

    • Measure - Your dog's heart rate and range of motion

    • Questionnaire

      • I will run through some questions to help get an overall picture of your dog & their lifestyle

      • I will also leave you a short questionnaire required to be completed during the research project time period

    • Therapy - No treatment will take place 

    • Time - please allow around half an hour

  • Session 2 - Therapy Session (around 1 week after Session 1)

    • Measurements - taken before & after therapy treatment

    • Therapy Treatment - involving red light and/or massage

    • Time - please allow around an hour

  • Session 3 - Follow Up (around 1 week after Session 2)

    • Measurements - taken again 

    • Therapy - Complimentary full body massage for your dog as a thank you for taking part

    • Time - please allow around an hour

How Much Does it Cost?

Sessions 1 to 3 are completely free of charge

How Long Will it Take?

  • Session 1 - around half an hour, Session 2 & 3 - around an hour each

  • Time Period Length - around 3 weeks 

How Are Measurements Taken?

  • Using a goniometer, I will measure how much your dog can flex and extend their elbow joint 

  • I will also take your dog's heart rate

Where will it Happen?

  • You can bring your dog to my Clinic in Frome, otherwise I can come to your home.

  • If I come to your home, please ensure there is a quiet area available, away from other animals, people and distractions.

Conditions of Taking Part

  • I will contact your vet to ensure I have their consent before I am able to treat your dog

  • Owners are managing dogs condition conservatively

    • No operation on effected joint

  • Your dog is either on no drugs or has been on NSAIDs for at least 2 months

    • Dog having Cartrophen vet injections would not be suitable

    • During research project time period, dog to not start or stop taking medication, supplements or changing diets.

  • Treatment sessions to be done in the same environment - either at PhysioMyDog clinic or owner's home.

  • Dog not to have been walked within an hour before treatment sessions.

  • During research project time period

    • Dogs don't have any other form of therapy such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy. 

    • At least a week before session 1 or anytime after the time period is fine (& encouraged)

  • Your vet has diagnosed osteoarthritis in your dog's elbows.  

Golden Retriever.jpg
Golden Retriever


Measuring Heart Rate
Measuring Heart Rate
Range of Motion
Measuring Range of Motion
Red Light
Labrador Dog Massage 2.jpg

Red Light Therapy

Canine Massage

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