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Canine Rehabilitation & Strengthening

Following an operation or injury, maintaining an ongoing condition such as arthritis, elbow/hip dysplasia, spondylosis or simply old age, your dog may need to strengthen specific muscle groups and restore full range of movement.  

  • Rehabilitation is an important part for your dog's recovery and the best results tend to occur if treatment starts in the early stages.  

  • Short term aim will be to reduce inflammation, swelling, any infection and improve joint range of motion.  

  • Long term will be to restore full range of movement and weight bearing, build stamina, strengthen the supporting tissues and muscles and slow any deterioration of the affect area/joint.  Most importantly will help your dog feel good again!

How Can I Help?

  • Personalised Treatment Sessions - I will use the most appropriate therapies depending on your dog's specific needs to help get your dog moving better and more comfortably.

  • Tailored Rehabilitation/Aftercare Program - I will put together an easy to follow program to help build up your pet's strength and restore mobility.

Want to Learn More? - Read how our Golden Retriever Jenson recovered after TPLO surgery for cruciate ligament disease, click here.


Having to lift up the paws helps mobility, weight bearing, strengthens limbs & improves range of movement.

Whilst recovering from injury usually 1:1 controlled exercise is recommended to restore fitness.  I can help!

TPLO Surgery Rehabilitation.jpg

Applying ice pack to help reduce swelling after TPLO surgery for cruciate liagment disease 

Dog rehabilitation strength muscles.jpeg

Walking up & down stairs/steps in a controlled way on lead, helps to strengthen muscles & core.


Hydrotherapy is non impact & weight bearing.  An excellent way to restore full range of movement & build muscle.

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