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formerly MassageMy.Dog

Holistic Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapy, Massage & Rehabilitation Therapies for your Dog


Available in Frome, Somerset & Woking, Surrey + surrounding areas.

"I can’t thank Harriet enough for the care and attention given to our 4 year old Labrador Bailey helping her to recuperate after a leg operation for elbow dysplasia." Julie, Owner

"Patch took to Harriet straight away, put his trust in her gentle and capable hands." Kathy, Owner

"Harriet has really helped our old boy Max who has suffered with bad arthritis since undergoing earlier operations for both Cruciate Ligaments in his earlier years. Max seems more engaged since the treatments started and is finding it a lot easier to get off the floor and has also been doing the odd little jog now and then on his walks." John, Owner
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PhysioMyDog - Helping Dogs Feel & Move Better

PhysioMyDog - Providing holistic hands on therapies including Animal Physiotherapy for our furry friends in Frome, (near Longleat) & surrounding areas in and around Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire.  And due to popular demand I have limited availability in and around Woking, Surrey.


Each treatment session will include any of the following therapies, specifically tailored to your pet's needs.


  • Animal Acupressure - Applying a light touch to specific points used by acupuncturists, but without needles.  Helps physical and emotional health.

  • Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapy - Helping a dog recover from injury/operation or slowing down the affects of getting older, the aim of physiotherapy is to assist the body to heal itself, restoring and maintaining mobility and function.  Your dog may need help to strengthen specific muscle groups, release tension & regain function. I can apply soft tissue techniques, use therapeutic equipment and specific exercises to help get your dog moving more comfortably again.

  • Canine Massage – A hands-on treatment method that can enhance your dog’s physical and mental well being.  Massage can promote relaxation and can help to reduce pain and discomfort.  I use a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue, fascia release, stretches, neck, back and limb mobilisation techniques.

  • Myofascial Release - An indirect, non intrusive approach to soft tissue manipulation; gently moving tissue at the surface level, releasing tight fascia and helping to stimulate the body’s ability to re-align itself.​

  • Reiki - Stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms.  It can help bring the body back into balance through gentle techniques and release emotional tension