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I love integrating TTouch into my therapy sessions and it works wonders on our reactive boy Baxter.  Here's your chance to learn form the very best!  Sarah Fisher and Janet Findlay are some of the UK's highly regarded and best TTouch practitioners who lecture all over the world.

What you Will Learn​

  • How to use on your own dog

  • Introduction to TTouch Body Work

  • Introducing Body Contact

  • TTouch Techniques

Who is this For?

  • "TTouch recognises an inextricable link between posture and behaviour.  Observations are key to helping owners and carers understand their dog(s) on whole new level" TTouch UK.

  • This isn't a massage course, but a great way of observing the impact how you touch your dog can be. 

  • Perfect for anyone who loves dogs

  • Helps you understand the power of touch - your dog will love you for it.

  • Create a special bond with your dog

  • For all dogs - young or old

  • Ideal for new dogs to the home ie puppies, rescues/rehomed dogs

  • Integrate into your day if you work with dogs

  • Helps calms reactive/nervous/anxious dogs

  • Relaxes excitable or hyperactive dogs

  • Learn how your dog responds to you 

  • Relaxing benefits for humans and dogs

  • No prior knowledge is necessary


Useful Tips

  • This is self paced so you can go at you're own speed.  I can help guide you through if you wish too.  Just let me know!

  • You're learning together, so enjoy and take your time.

  • Watch how your dog responds to each of the moves.

  • Try in different environments - in the garden, inside the home, whilst out walking.

  • Never force anything on your dog.  If they are resisting, walk or turn away, respect their choice.

  • Remember this is for you to use on your own dog - enjoy it!

What You will Receive

  • Electronic document containing 

    • Complete overview and step by step instructions

    • Short Videos explaining each of the moves

  • Can be viewed on any device

  • Full access for the lifetime of the course

Introduction to TTouch Body Work - Learn At Home with Your Dog

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