An Owner's Guide  - Help Identify, Slow Progression & Manage Osteoarthritis in Dogs - Lifestyle Management Tips Webinar

What You Will Receive

  • An Owners Guide - Help Identify, Slow Progression & Manage Osteoarthritis in Dogs - Lifestyle Management Webinar

  • Evidence based expert advice from a Vet Physiotherapist

  • Available to watch OnDemand

  • Sent by email as a link

  • Can be viewed on any device

  • Lifetime access

This webinar is open to all, not just for those who's dog had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

During this one hour webinar you will learn:

  • What is osteoarthritis

  • What are the causes and signs

  • What lifestyle adjustments can you make to help slow progression and manage the condition

To get your free copy, contact me and I will send you a link! 

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Prefer to read instead of listening?  

Check out the ebook which covers some of the above, but also goes into more detail. 

I am passionate about helping owners help their dogs feel and move better.  Osteoarthritis is extremely common - more info here - but there is also so much that can be done to help you & your dog manage this ongoing condition.  

I carried out a research project on how physiotherapy helps dogs with Osteoarthritis.  This was distributed at Crufts 2020 & Awarded the Photizo February 2020 Prize.  It also got numerous press coverage on and offline.  

You can learn more about me, Harriet Kitcat, Vet Physiotherapist, PhysioMyDog here.

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Distributed Crufts 2020
& Awarded a Prize!
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Appeared In Animal Therapy Magazine

Would you like to discuss how physiotherapy could help your dog?