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Home Modifications

PhysioMy.Dog - Holistic Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapy & Other Hands on Therapies for your Dog

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Home Environment Management

Restricting hazards around the home can help prevent repetitive trauma on already weaker and painful limbs.  Adaptions include 

  • non slip mats on slippery flooring - providing grip which helps with mobility.

  • minimising access to stairs - to avoid impact on joints

  • comfortable and correct sized beds (so the dog can stretch out and supports their backs) in suitable location (ie avoiding drafts) 

  • ramp for access in and out of car/garden, buggies when out walking to increase stimulation whilst not over exercising

  • raising feeding and water bowls to avoid weight bearing down onto painful joints.

  • grooming - ensuring your dog's nails & fur inbetween pads are regularly trimmed.

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